Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Kids are going to be... so much better than us

It's true. Kids are going to be better than us. And it's because of the movies they'll watch.

Obviously someone who actually has a kid or two will be able to speak on this with more authority than I can, but I just saw the new Disney animated movie Zootopia and it was incredible. Big themes in the movie were risk-taking, following your dreams, be open-minded, hard work helps you accomplish your goals, stereotyping is unfair, and picking on minority groups is wrong. Also it was super funny.

Another kids movie I saw recently was Inside Out. I can't imagine a better movie for teaching about emotions and mental health, how they related to our memories and who we are. Heavy stuff it would be seem but it's actually super fun, too. I mean, it's not that only kids should watch it. Every adult should watch that movie. An ongoing theme in this is that all our emotions are good in their time and our task is to seek a proper balance and not let any one emotion (anger, fear, happiness) dominate our lives. Amazing movie.

Go watch these movies and tell me you're not kind of hopeful for future generations. Movies like these must be a godsend to parents who want their kids to be exposed to some complicated topics in such an easy and helpful way. Compare this to the Disney movies we watched when we were kids. Far more "girls are pretty, men go on the adventure, rescue the girls", etc with very simple good versus evil themes. These new movies are not like that at all.

So it's really cool to see these types of movies being made. I definitely recommend going to see them. And hopefully they help the next generation to be a little bit more accepting, open-minded, a little less susceptible to fear, etc. Oh yeah - Zootopia's theme song is Shakira singing "Try Everything". Swooning for that message over here!

....And hopefully the good work of these movies is not utterly destroyed by whatever ungodly filth they put into the next Grand Theft Auto game. Fingers crossed!

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