Friday, May 20, 2011

Portage & Main May 19, 2011

These videos show what last night was like a little better than what you saw on the major news channels.

More footage. Note that at 0:39 of this clip the crowd is chanting "Burrows, Burrows..." This was the name of the #16(?) bus and also happens to be the name of a Vancouver Canucks player. People usually chanted the name of a bus when it passed (WATT! WATT! WATT! WATT! ...)

Probably my favorite moment. Somehow the whole crowd decided that this guy, who I later heard is named Andy, should give a speech. Everyone hushed down and listened. This is what he had to say:

Gotta sing O Canada! Glorious and BLUE

And I didn't know this but it was my old friend Brad who led the rush out to take the streets.

Pretty good night. Thanks Stephen Brunt. You're always welcome in Winnipeg! Even though you're a Ti-Cats fan.

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