Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jets Season Tickets

Looks like quality season tickets may be had for less than the $100/ticket I've been going with.

Here's what you're looking at in Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa. Prices below are per ticket, per game (assuming you buy a season ticket):

Edmonton: pretty good seat $73, really good seat $100 Edmonton seat map

Calgary: pretty good seat $60, really good seat $95 Calgary seat map

Ottawa: pretty good seat $54, really good seat $100 Ottawa seat map

SUMMARY: We'll have to wait and see, won't we?

* * * * *

Other notes: NHL Seating capacities: Seating capacity of Calgary and Ottawa is 19,000+, Edmonton is 16,839 while MTS Center seats 15,015... guess which price scheme will be closest to ours... i've seen games in Ottawa and Calgary and there are some garbage seats there, only quality here at least... prices MUCH higher at the door... cheapest ticket to a Jets game will be in neighborhood of $35 for standing room only, in my opinion.

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