Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Years-ish Predictions

There's been some things that I've been predicting and I just want them out there. I think we can all agree its annoying when you predict/prophecy something, have it come true, and then not get the cred for calling it before everyone else.

1. This year yellow will be the #1 trending color. Pretty sure I'm right about this. Remember purple ties? Purple everything? Yellow is next. I think the World Cup - held in Africa for the first time ever - will have a ripple effect on clothing. Think the Ghanaian flag. (Serious)

2. The idea that "humor is power" will gain acceptance. I can remember sitting in a Critical Thinking class years ago and thinking about this as we studied fallacies. There should be a humor-based fallacy, since we must be far more likely to believe/agree with information or a viewpoint if we feel it has been shared with us in a funny way. As a social scientist, I'd say this trend has continued and will continue... to continue. Humor is pretty huge. Jon Stewart once said that his cultural/political influence "scared the hell out of him" - or something like that - anyways... very influential due to funniness.

3. Professional sports teams will make significant breakthroughs in identifying "injury-prone" athletes at young ages, so they can avoid them. Maybe there is a genetic answer? On the other hand, I do feel that the idea of "injury-prone" is probably more myth than reality. I'd have looked into this long ago if medical scholarly journals were free.... Anyways, athletes are investments and injury problems mean a diminished return on investment, so yeah... Gattica.

4. Former Blue Jay third baseman Edwin Encarnacion, and current 1B/DH will hit "54 home runs after a slight adjustment to his batting stance." (Not serious, credit to a commenter on my 2nd fave Jays blog for the humor that few else will get.)

Good luck not writing "2010" on checks, forms, and homework.


  1. Freeze, fantastic blog.

    Being "injury prone" is already medically defined: it's called "Jesse Lumsden Syndrome" or JLS, and it is very, VERY real.

  2. Yellow will always be in black's shadow.

  3. Goalies Rick DiPietro, Pascal Leclaire... Bombers' press box QB Buck Pierce as well.

    Just seems like the kind of story-based explanation we love as human beings.